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Water Removal Tampa and Extraction for Home and Businesses

Proper water removal and extraction requires expert knowledge and skill to restore your property and protect your family from mold and bacteria.

Most restoration contractors only know how to perform simple water removal, drying and clean up. DRY WIZARD has the experience to provide water damage restoration services that protect not only your home, but the health of your family.

Water Damage Tampa can be the starting point for many serious problems that can effect a home, damage personal property and present serious health risks. Water laying were it is not supposed to be needs to be removed. But all water damage is not equal. There are three main categories of water damage:

Category 1 -Clean Water –  This is water damage Tampa where the source of the water is from a clean water source such as a broken pipe from a plumbing supply line. This includes the sink delivery pipes or washer supply line that breaks.

Category 2 – Gray Water – When the source of the water contains chemicals or other contaminants that can cause discomfort or sickness, it is classified as gray water damage. This would be an overflows from toilet bowls, a broken fish tank or an appliance system leak.

Category 3 – Black Water – Black water contains unsanitary agents from sewer back flow that originates beyond the toilet trap, ground surface water or rising water from rivers and streams.

So what’s a home owner to do? Call the professionals at DRY WIZARD Restoration and Cleaning for fast and effective service. We are qualified, trained and experienced at removing excess water and put everything in place to  promote efficient evaporation necessary to stop on-going damage.

Water removal and the clean up that follows can be very quickly done and the cost associated with it is relatively low, when compared to the cost of mold remediation if the dry out is not taken care of properly. Water damage Tampa repair usually will involve carpet, baseboard, and sometimes drywall.

Commercial Water Damage Repair

Water Damage Clean Up Tips for a Broken Pipe In Your Home

A broken pipe and water damage clean up that it causes is the nightmare of every Tampa homeowner. Even a broken sink pipe with a small amount of water can do significant damage in a short period of time. What should you do when you are unfortunate enough to experience this crisis? Here are some tips for water damage restoration when you discover a broken pipe.

The first thing that you should do is find the source of the water damage is and stop the flow of additional water from entering your home. The more water the bigger the water damage clean up and more extensive the problem.  It’s easy to figure out when you’ve left a faucet on or a hard rain has filled your basement. But if you have a broken pipe that has burst that can’t be seen, you must turn off the water supply to your home as quickly as possible.

  • The first thing that you should do is find the source of the water damage is and stop the flow of additional water from entering your home.
  • Turn off the electrical power to the section of the home where the water damage has occurred. Electricity and water don’t mix!
  • Take some photos of the damaged areas as evidence for your insurance claim.
  • Call DRY WIZARD for water damage Tampa cleanup!
Commercial Water Damage Repair
State of the Art Drying Equipment

Fast response is extremely important when water has entered your home. Regardless if the water came from storms and flood waters, broken or leaky pipes, a sewer backup or line break, malfunctioning appliances such as water heaters, dishwashers, washing machines, or refrigerators, or a sink or toilet overflow, the dangers of not doing anything about it are numerous, especially in a humid environment like Florida’s.

You must act quickly to:

  • Dry the affected area immediately to prevent mold growth. AND…
  • Disinfect and sanitize the affected area to prevent further exposure to possible waste material, household chemicals, and diseases contained in the water.

That is why we are here 24/7 with a licensed and certified technician available to you immediately.

We provide you with emergency services covering a vast array of disaster damage emergencies. These include water removal and extraction, structural drying, and decontamination of all affected areas in the home, basement or crawl space. With our knowledge in water damage restoration, we can stop and prevent the growth of mold and eliminate offensive odors. When you need emergency water damage repair, our promise is at your door in 60 minutes or less.

Our techs are fully equipped when they arrive to extract and decontaminate any area of Tampa water damage, no matter how large or how small. They are very understanding of the inconvenience you are experiencing and are experts at handling the water cleanup process as quickly as possible. You can expect our company technicians to be kind, courteous, and skilled from start to finish.

Mold on Walls

Unfortunately, mold can not only grow on walls, but inside them as well. Drywall, for example, is one of the most common areas in a home where mold and grow. There is no way to completely remove the mold from the drywall, so it usually has to be cut out, which can be a long and expensive process.

You need to be diligent about mold growing behind the wall. Wall cavities contain humid moist air and are out of sight. Additionally, mold can grow behind wallpaper glued to your walls. Since the wallpaper glue contains organic debris, this then becomes a food source for the mold.

Most people think that heat and humidity are the only cause of mold, but the cold can also lead to its growth.

Cold surfaces produce condensation in your home. It can collect on the cold, metal pipes and pool into a puddle. Areas in your home effected by condensation are absolutely at risk for mold. This is especially true for non-well ventilated areas such as your basement. Since basements are often colder than the rest of the house, condensation is a real concern.

Additionally, the basement is the lowest part of your house and most leaks will eventually end up running down there. Basements are also not visited as often as other parts of your home, so a leak or mold growth can go undetected for a while.

Detecting Mold

There are ways to detect mold in your home, even if you can’t actually see it. You may start to suffer allergy like symptoms. Oftentimes, you can even smell the mold. You may also notice small patches of it on the walls. This is a good indication that there is a larger amount of mold on the other side of the wall and starting to seep through. These are all good indications that mold may be present and it might be time to consider finding an expert in mold removal.

As with any water damage situation, it is always best to have time on your side. However, that will not always be possible. It is very common for leaks to happen in homes or businesses, and we don’t always notice them right away. Unfortunately, if the water is left pooling for too long, mold will start to grow. Always take the time to assets your home and business for anything that looks out of the ordinary. It is always better to be safe than sorry.

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