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Is Your Roof and Home Safe from Rainy Weather

Before the seasonal rain comes you will want to be prepared by checks for potential leaks.

You should inspect your roof and walls to address any issues now, it will be cheaper to repair before the torrential rains hit.

If you wait too long you may see water coming through your roof. Below is a list of things to look for and fix before you have flood rain damage. Look for these signs before the storm hits.

flood water damaged roof repair

  • Shingles – When you have missing or damaged shingles, it is a sure way for water to enter your home. Rain water can enter at these points leak through to the wood sheathing underneath which can rot the wood. The wood rots, causing structural damage, mold and eventually ceiling and wall damage.
  • Flashing – Flashing is a metal material covering the joints where water could enter on a roof.   Existing flashing could come loose, so look for small holes, signs of rust, or corroded spots.  These are potential areas that will cause major water damage. You could have a water restoration company like DRY Wizard Restoration inspect your roof.
  • The Ceiling – The first visible sign of possible mold/mildew damage from leaks inside the house is the ceiling.  You may see sagging, bubbles, or soft places, they are the visible signs of water damage.  Peeling paint or discolored spots are additional visible signs of mold and water damage.
  • Walls – Just like the ceiling, mold and water damage will show up in the form of peeling paint or discolored spots. These water damage spots will look like moisture marks and they could be gray, yellow, or brown stains. Drywall may become loose or swell out when it has water damage.
  • Mold – This is a serious problem, if you or a family member have symptoms like a sore throat, itchy skin or coughing it is a sign of mold damage. You will need a mold restoration expert like DRY Wizard Restoration to inspect you home for mold damage.  If leaks go undetected for even a short time you will receive mold damage to your home. You will need to have the mold removed safely to prevent sickness and contamination by a mold restoration company. The leaks should be repaired once the mold is removed.
  • The Attic – Use your attic access to check the roof from the inside. You may find mold damage, water stains, wood discolorations. These are signs that you have a leaky roof and will receive even more water damage in Tampa home from the torrential rain.
  • Windows – Check caulk around windows and door frames, if cracked or missing you can replace the caulk to eliminate water damage to the walls of your home.
  • Vents and Skylights – Check the flashing and caulk around vents and skylights, these are major areas of possible water damage leaks.

water damage restoration for your home


Larger issues can be avoided by repairing smaller issues right away, but sometimes small issues go unnoticed until they turn into a major water damage issue. Perhaps using the list above to check your home before major storms will eliminate major water damage.

Loose or missing shingles; flashing; vents; or skylights are areas that you can repair if you are handy and comfortable with DIY projects. If you are unsure, you can always call a water restoration expert in Tampa like DRY Wizard Restoration.

roof repair and restoration to prevent water damage