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Furniture Water Damage and What to do about it

Your furniture will suffer from water damage after a fire or flood. You need to act fast to reduce or eliminate water damage to your furniture. You do not want to develop mold or mildew damage, spores or any other damaging organisms. You should call a fire and water restoration company like DRY Wizard Restoration Tampa Florida to restore your furniture as soon as possible. They have specialized tools and equipment to perform water and flood restoration Tampa quickly and easily.

flood water restoration for furniture and flooring

Dry your furniture out as soon as possible by using these methods.

Use shop vacs or wet-dry vacuums for removing excess water and to dry the furniture out as much as possible. Remove the moisture from the air with industrial dehumidifiers, these dehumidifiers can remove about 50 gallons of water per day from high humid areas. To encourage evaporation and to dry the area even more place large fans in the area. You could also open windows in your home. Do not use heaters to help with the drying because you may permanently damage your wood. It is best to hire a water and flood restoration professional to eliminate the water with their experience and equipment.

What if your Furniture Warps or Buckles?
Water can physically cause warping and buckling, when this happens you need to seek a professional that restores furniture. It can be costly but could be less than replacing your furniture all together. You may need to consult different experts in furniture and wood restoration.

Water Damaged Furniture with Mold and Mildew.
Furniture that is water damaged with mold or mildew contains dangerous airborne particles and not safe to live with. Mold or mildew damage can be worse than water damage and may be unrecoverable. There are strong chemical cleaners to treat mold and mildew but these are dangerous to use and may also cause damage to the furniture. Another reason to hire a professional to inspect water damaged furniture.

flood water damage to furniture

There are ways to prevent water damage to your furniture by checking for roof leaks, preparing for storms but sometimes water or flood damage is unpreventable. A storm may come into the area and you receive street and yard flooding, water seeps in and soaks furniture and flooring. Or a branch falls breaking a window or tearing a hole in the roof, things like this can not be prevented. A water pipe breaks or a hot water tank leaks causing running water to flood your home, extensive water damage can happen to your furniture. When you have water flood damage Tampa like this, you should call a flood water restoration company like DRY Wizard Restoration with experience and equipment to cover any disaster.